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1) A word originating in Syracuse commonly referring to a man with no fallous (no cock) who drifts around bars attempting to finger unsuspecting boys.
2) See billy
Kloosy-kloosing is for faggots.

Don't kloosy-kloos me, I'm not a faggot.

Why are you klooy-kloosing me, I will not let you blow me. faggot.
by hot sizzle May 09, 2005

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urban definition for a reefer smokin, pistol packin mother fucker.
Check the list of WVU freshmen
by Hot Sizzle October 02, 2003

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(verb) - milano, milanoing, milanoed,

Originating from Syracuse, the act of aborting a fetus well after the seventh month.
My girl Shaniqua milanoed her baby last week.
by hot sizzle May 10, 2005

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