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(Pasadena, Md.) The most horrible place one could ever live. It's incredibly boring since there is nothing at all to do besides smoke weed and sit around and maybe go to McDonalds or the even more riveting- Pops (local gas stations that is known for selling to minors). Pasadena is the land of rednecks, white gangsters(who are not gangster at all), and bitchy preps. Many of the population owns a boat, but dosen't go anywhere or do anything on the boat. There are no fun partys- just small get togethers where everyone proceeds to get fucked up over 2 beers or a twisted tea. Any good person would want to get the hell out of here before there absorbed into this hell.
Carlos- hey wanna go to a party in Pasadena?
Tony - Hell no man, ide rather not have two natural lights then get hit on by a 13 year old.
by horshkaba January 17, 2011

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