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An institute of higher learning for prostitutes or hookers, or whores. The Word is combined of the word "hooker" and "prostitute" to create Hookstitute.

It's also a very good and genuine thing to graduate from the Hookstitute with the title of "Summa Cum Laude" or "Magna Cum Laude."

This institution provides an A+ education for those who want to become prostitutes in the future, hookers or a whore. You get your first corner after you graduate or your first city walk. I recommend the hookstitute to any people that have ambitions to pursue a career in prostitution or hookering.

*This is a girls only institution, see Pimpstitute for those who wish to become A+ Pimps*
clevebeat: Nina, are you excited for the hookstitute?
Nina: You have no idea, I can't wait to go. I finally found out what I truly want to be in life.
clevebeat: It's a true experience, it was very..inspiring. It's awesome!
by hookytute2014 December 30, 2008
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