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An institution for higher learning of those who wish to pursue a career in male prostitution. The word is derived from the word 'pimp' and the term 'male prostitute' combined to form the word 'Pimpstitute.'

It is extremely prestigious to graduate from this higher education facility with the title of 'Summa Cum Laude' or 'Magna Cum laude' and shows a good reputation.

This institution is an A+ Learning facility for those who have ambitions to become a male prostitute. This institution is also very similar to the 'Hookstitute', but the schools are not co-educational.

*Pimpstitute is an all boys facility.*
Johnny: Where are you going to college Dylan?
Dylan: Thought I'd take it easy, ya know? Going to the Pimpstitute. Got my letter today that I'm accepted. You?
Johnny: Yale. But, my sister goes to the hookstitute! So maybe you guys will see eachother! She loves it!
Dylan: Probably.
by pimmystute2014 December 30, 2008
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Someone who will pimp for themselves. Verry slutty, usually a male. In order to attain such a title, it would require you to sleep/fuck with both genders. All-around-horny, regardless of age, sex, orientation, race, religion, etc....
Doesnt have to be going out with any of his 'playmates'. See frennefits
Wow, that Dan Henry kid is such a pimpstitute.
Damn dawg, that mo-fo is a pimpstitute, he gets more ass in one week, than i do all month.
by Dan Henry February 22, 2006
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