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the art of grifting. Taking something that does not belong to you
Taking Amy away from Joe is such a grift move.
by holy diver August 11, 2006

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Kaluchi (kä-lOO ‘chE)

n. pl. Kaluchiis (kä-lOO ‘chEs)

Kaluchiis are the spherical growth formations of seaweed and kelp, usually located at the base of the stem. They can be found washed up ashore in most beaches. Sphere sizes can vary from 2-5 inches.

Kaluchiis have various nicknames, such as: Sea Grapes, Shark Popcorn, Poseidon's Meatball, and Kelpballs.

Name originally coined by Aquaman in Hawaii.
Dude 1: Hey what are these ball-like thingies allover the beach.

Dude 2: There called kaluchiis. . . and there Italian.

Dude 1: Oooooooh!
by HOLY DIVER November 10, 2013

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