3 definitions by hohoho

When a chick gives a guy a reach-around while pressing her lips to the asscrack of a guy as he farts, thus making it seem and sound like she is playing a rusty trombone. Makes me want to join the marching band.
by hohoho May 02, 2004
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He/she who thinks he/she owns at MMORPGs, for whatever reason, specifically DAoC, which is a contradiction in terms.

also see- Imbalanced, Laughable, Retarded.
"I'm sitting in 3 day old sweat pants, unshaven, unshowered. I have no job, I smell like ass. Damn you, internet!"

"You said 'nerf' in your sleep, son. Get a job or get the fuck out of my basement, don't you see how much you're disappointing your mother?"
by hohoho February 10, 2004
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Dr Eamonn O'Neill, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, University of Bath, England
This man is a twat and a cock at the same time, which somehow combines to make him the definition of "Knobbly Penis"
by hohoho January 13, 2004
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