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A subatomic particle that are composed of two groups. Quarks, which makes up most of the mass of an atom, includes proton and neutron, and leptons which include electrons and neutrinos. Take a Quantum physics course for more info.
Fermions definition is kinda complex
by hobos_on_trains April 02, 2010
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A mathematical term. It describes a line or equation of a line that would approach a certain point never go all the way. Taught to algebra or pre-calc students.

It can also be a term that describes a person who wishes to be in a relationship with another person, gets close to that person as time goes on but never actually ask her/him out for some reason
Usually they quit after the person gets into a relationship but in some cases they extend to infinity
can become stalkers
in some cases the other person realize their affection, which is their goal, and result in happy ending
example: y=1/x

Person A: Al is always hanging out with Christina these days
Person B: yeah Al is definitely into her
Person A: Did he tell her yet?
Person B: no he is too shy
Person A: man that is tough. how long is he going to keep this up?
-ten years later at Allison's wedding
Person A: how's Al doing these days
Person B: pretty good. look he's best man
Person A: wow he is one tough asymptote
by hobos_on_trains April 03, 2010
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