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First is making out with tongue. If done properly, there should be no slobber on the female's face afterwards.

Second base is when a guy feels up a female's breast over clothing, under clothing, or under the bra.

Getting to third with a lady is fingering, and hitting her G spot- the bone or hard wall at the top of the inside the vagina where she is most sensitive.

Fourth or hitting home is when the guy penetrates her vagina with his member, and has sex.

Note: Third and fourth is usually done in one "run," though that run may require patience and a deeper emotional connection.
Lily (from How I Met Your Mother): *comes in with handprint on the breast area of her shirt. "It was finger-painting day at school and a 5-year-old boy got to second base with me."
by hitthatspot January 8, 2011
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