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When I think of James, the first thing that pops into my head is beautiful. He really doesn't notice how beautiful he is and how much people think he actually is. There is no reason to hate on this boy because he doesn't deserve it. He is human and every human is beautiful INCLUDING JAMES.
Person 1; Who is one of the most beautiful people in the world?

Person 2; James Yammouni of course!
by his wife April 30, 2012
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An effeminate douche bag whose personality is the most highly effective birth control known to the medical community.

Thinks he's clever, yet has a room-temperature I.Q. on his best days. Likely abused as a child, indicated by his caustic nature and intellectually bankrupt ramblings.

No known cure, but hopes are that future breakthroughs in genetic engineering might lead to treatment less severe than mandatory euthanasia.
Multiple direct ancestors are preceding "Learning Richards"
by His Wife April 12, 2008
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