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Typically classified by hip hop "heads" as: hip hop that has social awareness or meaning in it's lyrics. Though they fail to recognize that is actually called "alternative hip hop".

This is the true definition: Hip Hop is a movement, a culture, as well as a genre of music. Materialistic things, getting money, women, cars, etc. is a part of this movement, and it always has been.

Since hip hop has mixed with pop music, this side of the culture has been in the spotlight, and many feel it is the wrong side. The thing is though, you do not have to listen to this type of music, if you prefer gangsta rap for example, simply listen to it.

There is no "real" or "fake" rap/hip hop music, it's all part of the culture. This "gettin money" phase that hip hop is in is simply a part of the 30+ year movement that has finally taken the spotlight. 15 years ago, the "gangsta" side of the culture held the spotlight. Who knows what is next.

The Backround:

Hip Hop "heads" and "elitists" (aka old men who think they're living in the 80's) say hip hop does not belong on the radio, and if it has success, that means the artists are selling out. They are simply jealous of the success of these artists, and wish to see them fall. That is called a "hater" my friends.

According to this logic, artists like Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne are "fake" hip hop, and not music at all. They also do not deserve any of the money that they have earned. (again, the reason for this is unknown)

Hip Hop started in nightclubs and parties, so it was originally party music. The people who tell you "real" hip hop is not party music, they have no idea what they are talking about. There is no such thing as "real" hip hop. It's a genre of music that many love, and many hate, simple as that.
comment on lil wayne youtube video: wow, this is not real hip hop, all he does is brag about money

me: someone is a little jealous.
by hiphophead187 June 3, 2009
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