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1. Winnie the Pooh's favorite food.
2. Your sweetheart; see also: hunnie
1. He's just Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear
Lookin' for fun, chasin' some hunny bees
2. "Hi hunny~ did u miss me?!*kisskiss*"
by hika April 13, 2005

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1. n. A respectful guild on iRO (International Ragnarok Online).
2. n. Latin for golden.
1. People join Aureus because they want to be a part of the butterflies and experience minimal immature drama.
by hika May 02, 2005

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Coolest, smartest Bitch around!
Son of AN Aika! not son of a Aika... I mean "A" is a vowel.. hello
by hika December 21, 2003

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1. n. Members of Aureus from Ragnarok Online(iRO).
2. n. Insects with 4 beautiful wings that flutter from flower to flower drinking nectar.
3. v. Feeling you get when you're nervous.
i.e. on your wedding day, when on line to ride a rollercoaster.
1. I want to be a pink butterfly ;o;
2. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet?
3. The bride won't eat a thing because she has butterflies in her stomach!
by hika May 02, 2005

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