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sort of a geek but they are know to the populars and would get a quick hello if they where seen in the high street but they are no friend of the geeks, they will be defended by some populars if they are picked on by chavs!
this is the social scale in a english high school

chavs- well what can i say

populours- plastics and posh totties

populor geeks- most of the rest

geeks- nerds

popular geeks are often miss understud and bullied.
by hijjj February 12, 2008

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A small person who has not learnt any life morrals and spends there time walking the street coreners at night pissed on chea cider, they tend to vandalise public property,terrorise old and young pepole and skip school so they can get there 13year old friend pregnat in a drunken stumble and be an absent father, they have liitle or no life goals and use the money supposed to be for those in real finacail pridictiment and spen it on these three main compniants
this inferiar race will die out in around 1000yers time when the goverment sends them to the moon and they relises that they used all there oxgen and they dont know how to make any more!!!!!!!!!!!
A chav tryed to mugg me, i punched him in the face and kicked his balls (if he has any) he soon left me alone
by hijjj February 13, 2008

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