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A third-world country that borders Kenya. It has a rich history of unkown-ness, and the few who do know about it discriminate Baritone's people. They have faced many hardships, including famine, drought, slow internet, and date rape. Baritone's main export is terrible sounds, test tube babies, and crystal meth. Baritone is overall a rich, diverse country that is only accessible to those who know how to play a double-octave Bflat concert scale perfectly. You must then hop on a motorcycle, DRIVE across the Atlantic Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope, and then meet a Mexican dwarf named Tyler. He will then dig you an underground tunnel right into the heart of the glorious country of Baritone. You may leave Baritone any time by just saying the words, "I know what a Baritone is!" You will then arrive on your NEIGHBORS doorstep.
Tyler: "What's a Baritone?"
Lindsay: "It's a third-world country that borders Kenya."
Tyler: "CAN WE VISIT?!"

Lindsay: "OFF TO BARITONE!!!!"
by heybitchezz February 29, 2012

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