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thaa sickest extracurricular, where a bunch of teens congregate at a suhweet conference and solve all world problems in the span of two to five days. involves pimp suits and delegate dances where the hippest nerds go to writhe about in their banana republic committee duds.
"yo, where did you go this weekend? sounds like a partayyy."
"i was at model congress."
"what's that?"
"see above moron"
by heybabyimfobulous April 28, 2007
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the act of being fobulous. see also hot asian or tab.
"dayyuuummmm, monica has major fobulosity factor."
"yeah but she has some hints of egg in her too."
"who cares man, she drives a rice rocket."
"oh hell ya."
by heybabyimfobulous November 02, 2006
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