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Giving or getting oral sex without having to return the favor.
It was my birthday and i was too drunk for sex, so Mary gave me a no recip before I went to bed.
by heebahobba March 12, 2009

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A woman who becomes opinionated (usually politically) after announcing they are gay. Lezbitarians are generally boring so their "coming out" is a big deal. Once the newness wears off they need something else to keep the attention, so they turn political.
Lezbitarian Rosie wants W. charged with war crimes for the invasion of Iraq. Just when I thought it was safe to watch daytime TV again...
by heebahobba March 17, 2009

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The marks you get on your ass and legs when you sit on the toilet too long.
If I read a magazine on the toilet too long I'll get potty marks.
by heebahobba March 16, 2011

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