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The greatest forum on the planet. Ostensibly a place for people to discuss guitar tones (which they often do) it is often host to funny picture threads, hilarious n00b bashing, and humorous (and often ambiguous) use of emoticons. Also contains a number of "clubs" to which people profess their allegiance in their signature, which occasionally are "joined" to support for a particular manufacturer, e.g. the Mesa Boogie Mob or the VHT Death Squad, but are more often whimsical and rather meaningless, such as Renoir1's :o club and various other emoticon clubs. It has either popularized or invented notable memes, such as numerous pictures involving the faces or bodies of the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wilde and moshzilla photoshopped into various amusing locations, and slang as well, such as "teh br00talz" and "porcupwned." Despite all of its shenanigans, however, HCAF is actually quite a useful resource for all manner of amp- and guitar-related material, and can be very useful to beginners and seasoned tone veterans alike. The members tend to be very opinionated, however, with a notable tend towards tube amp-purism, and a general (though not universal) dislike towards certain manufacturers, such as Crate, Bugera, Krank and others which are seen as overpriced, overhyped, of low quality, or a combination the above.
(Topic on hcaf veers into a far-fetched religious discussion)

Poster A: In my life, the lack of religion is the greatest source of mental peace and also comedy, as I view shit like this and can't help but laugh. Break out, baby.

Poster B: Just remember:

Jesus is coming... that's why he's too busy to visit us here on earth.

Jesus saves...and he gets 25% interest.

Poster C: Jesus saves ... and at THESE prices, that IS a miracle!!!

Poster D: Jesus was my co-pilot but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him

Poster E: Bugera 6260 :o

Poster F: lol only on HCAF :cop:
by hcaforumite March 04, 2008
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