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Nang, noun.

Nangs or Nangers, plural.

Nangerator, a device used for cracking nangs.

A nang is the Australian slang term for a co2 (nitrous oxide, laughing gas) canister, intended for whipping cream but also used as a recreational drug.

They're also known as bulbs, whippits (reference to whipping cream) or cream chargers.

The nang is "cracked" with a nangerator; a soda syphon, commercial cream whipper or purpose built unit made to depressurize the gas for inhalation. The name comes from an auditory hallucination some users get while effected. A heavy user may be dubbed a "nangasaurus rex"
"Hey El chuck us another nang"

"......Ummmm, there aren't any left"

"goddamn it Elena, you are a friggin' nangasaurus"
by haystacks calhoun September 10, 2012

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