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mostly rich annonying horny ass bunch of kids. filled with all usual groups. cheerleaders, jocks, gangsters, wigger, asian gangsters (funny how the "gangsters", "Wiggers", and the ghetto asians dont even sit near eachother), smart/nerdy ppl (who i get some respect), goth/punk/metal heads, poser (usually girls who really want to be goth/punk.. odd), asians (prob one of the biggest groups... THEY R TAKING OVER PARAMUS), brown kids(south asian/some middle east: indians, some arabs.. but some r spread w/ the ghetto ppl) the retards (no really theres some autistic kids), losers (not even as kool as the smart nerdy..), other once dorks (they became seniors.. and have befriended all), freshmen(who still r unsure of they're place.. i think that covers all. oh and theres a shit load of smokers/pot heads in all categories
Hey! People from Paramus High School, wanna go to the Garden state plaza?? OMFG YES.. only if mary jane is coming!
by harley quinn January 12, 2005
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