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The act of a male achieving an erection in the shower, either by a sexual fantasy or vigorous cleansing of the penis.
Bob.....Man, I was showering this morning and I got the biggest hard on thinking about Sally.

Jim.....That's nothing, I totally got a shower rod thinking about the old woman at the lunch counter.

Bob....Wow, what kind of soap are you using, dude.
by hairtoday_gonetomorrow September 11, 2010

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The intentional use of sex as a shortcut to advance oneself in the business world rather than relying on merit or hard work. Can be used effectively by both males or females.
Bob....Hey Jim, did you hear? Sally got another promotion.

Jim....What? That's the second one this year. She must be using the whorelistic approach.
by hairtoday_gonetomorrow September 12, 2010

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