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the iconic moment in nickelodeon history when tori vega and jade west (also known as victoria justice and elizabeth gillies) completely SNAPPED and humiliated men with tOxiC mAsCuLiNiTy that were harassing them. the girls’ exquisite musical talent permitted them to have the power (wow their influence) to make them leave. thats what’s called POWERFUL FEMALE ROLES!! they sang this masterpiece of a song to make the weird boys stop bothering them.
Tori Vega: *tells guys to stop being creeps
weird guys: :))))
Tori Vega: ttake a hint take a hiiiiiiiinnnnnt.
by hahajzksisjdjhdjd is March 12, 2019
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the nicest/coolest/cutest spanish teacher there is. He uses "entonces" after every second word. But it doesn't matter, we still love hime :)
someone: what made Canada great again?

me: señor davila. Hes the best person ever.

señor davila: entonces?
by hahajzksisjdjhdjd is October 28, 2018
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the noise a ukelele girl who likes gRaCe vAnDeRwaLL makes when she's surprised and/or confused by something/someone dumb
me: i know my name AND i play by the rules of the game
ukelele girl: ėãhä?!
by hahajzksisjdjhdjd is October 27, 2018
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