2 definitions by hahagotya

"a ritch tart"
1. a tasty tasty desert

2.that girl in your class who's a bit of a hore. All guys like the cheeseckae cos they're in with a chance, all girls hate the cheesecake because the cheesecake belives herself to be better than them because the cheesecake owns a real designer hanbag. The cheesecake is a a pretty fit bird, but a bit of a chav. She has one devoted side-kick who she doesn't actually like.

boy 1: check out the cheesecake
boy 2: f-i-t
girl1: check out the cheesecake
girl 2: what a slag
by hahagotya January 07, 2007
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a piece of writing that's badly very spelt, about something pointless, or just bad (but in a charming way) is described as molesworth, similar to the way that peoetic crap is refered to as "shakespear"
derives from the molesworth books
pete: ahhh my work is shit
gaz: nahhh it's complete molesworth!
pete: ??????
by hahagotya January 07, 2007
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