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a society full of whores and people the use others for fame/popularity/money or just to be cruel. These people are found all over the world but many live in Cairo and pop their pimples with needles. Pad their bras with socks/tissues or cotton, whatever makes them feel most comfortable. Rumored to wear many pads in their underwear to make their asses look bigger. Sleep around and spend time with older men. They purposely act dumb because they don't have a point in life. Spend time making others feel bad.
Leilas' have
-big boobs (padding)
-big ass (padding)
-slut (sleep with many boys)
-drinks/smokes/takes drugs underage
-pimply face- pops with needles
- very white/pasty- normally a genetic malfunction in the girls
- cruel
by haha123678123 February 19, 2012

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