2 definitions by hackerb9

1. In the manner of a shit fire.
2. In the manner of a swaggering braggart.

Also spelled, by the less pedantic: kakafueally
Etymology: From Latin cacarere, Spanish and Portuguese cagar, to discharge excrement, plus Spanish fuego, fire.

First usage: 2018 by comedian Amy Hoggart. Note that Ms. Hoggart intended this to be the adverbial form of cacafuego but showed the word spelled “kakafueally” during her segment on Full Frontal.
“According to expert lexicographers Trump is such a disaster, they can only describe him as cacafueally.”
by hackerb9 February 08, 2018
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Heroin. As contrasted with white pony, slang for cocaine, in the 1983 pop hit "White Horse" by music group "Laid Back".
"If you want to ride, don't ride the white horse."

"The TV Show 'Twin Peaks' used a white horse to symbolize heroin addiction."
by hackerb9 November 03, 2007
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