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n. one whose gender identity is usually or always female and who has cycled through three or more sexual identities in recent memory -- at one time being straight, then gay, then bisexual, etc., in no particular order.
Debbie's gone through two chicks and one dude and one she-male in the past year. She's turning into a real tresbian.
by grover January 29, 2004
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Verb meaning: to bathe in the deliciously warm and comforting body of one's lover; especially: placing one's face in the crook of the lover's neck and nestling in.
Can also be extended to the act of love-making itself, but this is rarerly used.

Note: can be used as a noun, as in "I need the snurfle," or as an adverb as in "You are so snurfly tonight!".

*Derived from snuggle with references as well to cuddle and nuzzle, but meaning all three and then some.
I can't wait to get home and snurfle with you.
by grover January 29, 2004
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Froogiepuffnut is an irrisistably cute and atractive dorky person. Usually used as a term of endearment. Also a well endowed Indian man see lyle
nice knickers you froogiepuffnut.

Put that thing away, we all know your a froogiepuffnut.
by grover April 25, 2005
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