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A small gathering of males for an impromptu dinner or BBQ.

The males usually fail to obtain any significant sources of leafy vegetables or fiber to accompany the feast.

Menu usually consists of:
Pork Fat
Joe: "I just laid a log that looked like a piece of black PVC pipe!"

Brett: "Yea, that Manfeast last night tore me up too. When are we doing it again?"
by Grizzly August 28, 2009

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A sixty second timer one graciously receives via your body when a massive shit is ready to be released.

Being at or near a toilet when timer has begun is highly recommended. Anyone who has seen explosive diarrhea splattered on the walls of a fast food chain bathroom stall has beared witness to a blown or neglected sequence.

At T minus 10 seconds you basically have time to remove your belt and pants at which point you must be pointing into the toilet with your anus or risk a meltdown or massive cleanup.
Guy1: Dude, I have to take a giant dump...

Guy2: We're almost there in 5 minutes, man up you pussy.

Guy1: Launch Sequence initiated...

Guy2: Look! a McDonalds!
by Grizzly May 25, 2010

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This is used to describe an extremely bottom heavy person.

In other words a shelfy ass that extends infinitely to the foot. This is a step above Cankles.
Shaqueefa: "Snaps gurl, Rashonda must be killin dat Popeyes chik'n?"

Sha'neequa: "Yep, for sho doe them cankles be turnin into thighkles real quik"
by Grizzly August 28, 2009

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Retail Baby Product- Pampers Diapers

Much funner than the old addage "Shit"

To poop, crap, turd.
"I have to take a major pamp!"
by Grizzly October 06, 2004

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