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The act of falling in love with someone you've friendzoned a certain time ago. The person already started to see you as a friend, and is therefore not interested in a romantic relationship.
Tyler: Oh my god, I am totally in love with Rachel.
Matt: Well, go for it then!
Tyler: That is going to be hard, I reversed friendzoned her!
by grindelwald February 17, 2013
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a high school in tuscaloosa, alabama. consists of 50% black people/minorities, 30% so-called "preps", 10% drama kids/weirdos who don't fit in anywhere else, 5% normal people, and 5% shira/victoria. northridge is the highest-class public high school in tuscaloosa county, which is sad, because it's still pretty low-class.
you hear about that girl that stabbed that other girl over at northridge? yeah, i was there.
by grindelwald April 24, 2010
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