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The younger brother type of the creepystalkerweirdo, the creepystalker is on his way to becoming the former but unable to stalk at a weirdo level. Some might say the difference is that the creepystalker hasn't gone through the full metamorphosis but surely will some day soon. The creepystalker will stalk in a creepy manor but isn't yet as awkward as the creepystalkerweirdo butterfly he will become.
Oh wow, that kid followed me 5 blocks already, what a creepystalker.

That creepystalker is just like his older brother, the creepystalkerweirdo, strange.
by grapesoda May 07, 2009

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A creepystockerweirdo is someone who constantly annoys every girl their friends know. The creepystockerweirdo is a rare breed that doesn't know when enough is enough and hits on girlfriends and moms. Creepystockerweirdos are horrible at most things, tend to have a nice house and lots of "friends" to come over and enjoy it with on the weekends. While we may not all know a person fitting the mold of a creepystockerweirdo, those of us that do wish we did't.
the kid who always creeps on girls his friends are talking to; mine goes by the name of max

the creepystockerweirdo has a false since of popularity that must be played into if one wants to do something fun on the weekend
by grapesoda May 03, 2009

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