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Actress, model, dancer, and overall gorgeous woman. Stars in barelypolitical's The Key of Awesome as Lady Gaga, Tron girl, and other characters. So stunningly gorgeous and talented that it can't be expressed adequately in words. Her flowing blonde hair and deep transfixing eyes are those of a goddess, and when she speaks, the sound of her voice has the capacity to entrance and captivate, transforming even the most mundane life one could have into one of enchantment and excitement.
Guy 1: I was having a pretty shitty day, until I saw Lauren Francesca in the latest The Key of Awesome video. Then I had an awesome day!

Guy 2: Yea, she has that effect.

Guy 1: To put it lightly.
by gorbasho August 18, 2010

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Weekly musical comedy show on Youtube spoofing celebrities, pop-culture and the latest internet memes. Produced by barelypolitical. The Key of Awesome features Mark Douglas, Lauren Francesca, and others.
Have you seen that great Ke$ha parody on youtube?

Yea! The Key of Awesome made it. They did the Lady Gaga ones too!
by gorbasho August 18, 2010

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Produces viral videos and music video parodies that are usually, indeed, barely political. Home of the Obama girl series, Auto-tune the News, and The Key of Awesome.
"Very thin ice"

Hey, barelypolitical just uploaded a new parody!
by gorbasho August 18, 2010

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