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Õis. Symbolizing the flower of love, the maker of destiny and the god of faith, 615 has been in use since the founding fathers by those who lust for the roses, sunflowers and even weed.
A: I have been feeling fairly unattached lately... I think im off my true path, old friend...
B: You should seek guidance from smelling the smokey scent of 615
by godsaveusall January 11, 2012

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A mass weapon of destruction created by the gingers. The fore-gingers saw coming an impending genocide of the ginger race, so they decided to create spies with some of the qualities of the gingerhood (so they wouldn't be rejected by fellow redheads), but with exceptional looks and hardly any freckles so that those 'daywalkers' could infiltrate those of us who possess souls.
A: Wow, Lilo looks smashing... she's so gorgeous.. i wish i could meet her irl...
B: Be careful, that one is a daywalker.. she works for the gingers... i mean yeah... she looks harmless enough, but she could kill you in your sleep...
by godsaveusall August 17, 2010

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the ultimate pseudo-superhero; the wimpiest wimp alive; the killer of all things cool; the wiener, the winer, but never the winner; who tends to cling like the stench of barf to your favorite jacket after a swell night out with other young pseudo-cool kids who just can't hold their liqueur down.........;if you know one, you should consider the alternatives to living, since it clearly isnt working for you..
S: and when he held me, i felt i could live through a worldwar, and i still wouldnt be scared
R: he looks like a barfboy, judging by his profile, i'd say he's surely a barfboy
S: well, he has called me 13 times since yesterday
R: as i said, barfboy, try to wash that stench out..............
by godsaveusall November 01, 2010

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