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A shallow expression with little real meaning which in reality simply describes the ability of dumb talking apes to mindfuck other dumb talking apes, and/or the lack of scruples to do so, in an attempt to materialize some sort of worth and meaning to their repetitive, disposable lives.
Ape: Your a loser, get some social skills. (My only contribution to humanity is chortling like a monkey with other monkeys and fornicating to make more monkeys and then bragging about it as if other animals aren't able to do these very things except overpopulating the planet and diminishing the quality of life).
Homo Sapien: Fuck off, numbnuts.
Ape: Oh, you wouldn't be so brave saying that to my face.
Homo Sapien: Why would I bother saying anything to your fat face full of lead, assfuck?
by godiesomewhere December 09, 2006

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