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a troll that is superior to other trolls, holding extraordinary abilities to troll

-unaffected by troll extinguishers
-trolls multiple folds better than ordinary trolls
-have 3 teeth, unlike other trolls
-uses magic instead of giant clubs and going 'rawghhh i'm a troll bow down to me and smashing around like an idiot'
-become herbivores
-are capable of constantly trolling a set number of n00bs to death
-they begin growing hair
-they think everyone are n00bs while they r uber 1337
-their description is already trying to troll you right now, imagine how a real high level troll trolls
once upon a time there was a troll army, heading towards a forum, which was infested by hundreds of faggots who are between 8-12. the army realized the situation was grave, they were outnumbered by those online on the forum by exactly three folds. the leader of the army, a level 20 troll, entered a thread alone holding a golden club and trolled all in the thread to death then plotted to invade the forum by charging through the most crowded sub forum, the general discussion forum. However, they failed to penetrate through it and the leader of the trolls perished after getting banned. the remaining army, now with less than 30 trolls left, returned to their headquarters and cried. a high level troll, at level 21491281932, which was the highest level a troll could have, suddenly entered the forum, an overpowering aura could be felt as the legendary troll crunched the forum with its 4 teeth and charged into the main forum alone. the faggots in the forum then got mad and started hacking, but the high level troll was invincible. he went /run gameguard.exe and all the hackers got banned.desperate, they took out a ton of troll extinguishers and sprayed it at the troll. normally any troll would have died multiple times but this troll stood there but the rest of the forum got so mad they died of high blood pressure
by god of trolls October 30, 2010

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the one and only legendary troll that has never been trolled before and has successfully trolled all he trolls
the god of troll is arising, hes gunna troll us! maybe if we ignore him we can stay alive

god of trolls : hello foolish humans
human : /ignore
god of trolls : i see you're ignoring me
human : /ignore
god of trolls : hey isn't that your mom pissing at the rooftop?

the man looks at the rooftop, there was no one there

human : theres no one there
god of trolls : look carefully
human : theres no one fool!
god of trolls : another one bites the dust
by god of trolls October 31, 2010

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