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The town consists of a few gas stations, a CVS, an eyesore of an old abandoned grocery store and the high school. Most people living in Whiteland are, you guessed it, white and are afraid of any sort of cultural change or differention from the old redneck ways of which they grew up.

The high school consists of bratty attention whores, wanna be thugs, annoying scene kids, and of course the preppy crowds who live in their own little world.

Unfortunately, Whiteland is home to one of the highest pregnancy rates in the Johnson County area. Its quite ironic really, considering there's a Planned Parenthood right down the road.

Most Whiteland teenagers end up driving mustangs, cameros, or grand prix's just for the sake of driving a "sports" car. Too bad nobody has the heart to tell any one of the owners that a cheap car paired with shiney rims does NOT make it cool. And if they're not driving a guido style sedan, they're driving a big ol pick 'em up truck.
Jenny: OMG (fill in the blank) is preggo???
Megan: yeah didnt you know that?
Jenny: no i didnt! well, she is from whiteland. did she use birth control or anything?
Megan: what's that?
by gluestickman July 29, 2010

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