4 definitions by glassballs4u

The act of sticking it in someones ass after they have had exlax causing the shit to spray out like a geyser upon pulling out.
I had to shower last night after the oil rig I gave my girlfriend
by glassballs4u December 10, 2017
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After sex with someone you realize the condom broke.
I had a great night last night but it turned out to be a brubber
by glassballs4u November 5, 2016
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The act of fucking someone in the ass who has eaten corn for a week straight, while using buttered flavored crisco as lube. When the heat from the friction of sex starts to build you can smell buttered popcorn. Carefull not to do it too fast or the pocorn will burn.
Last night Betsy and i made buttered popcorn.
by glassballs4u October 30, 2016
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When your woman is horny, but you tell her you are to tired to do it.
She wanted sex bad last night but I pulled a cockout.
by glassballs4u November 6, 2016
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