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A (typically white, cisgender, millennial-aged, upper middle class) female who voted for Hilary Clinton, overuses the word "intersectional" without fully grasping its meaning, thinks feminism is almost a single-issue cause revolving around either federal funding for Planned Parenthood or the gender-to-wage gap in the white collar world, and enjoys declaring herself a "nasty woman" and collecting apparel and accessories with vagina emblems.
Brooke, a feminista, rallied against President Trump by hand-crafting vagina necklaces and selling them on etsy for $55 each, and offering 15% off with code PUSSYGRABSBACK.

Jessica, a feminista, expressed her opposition to President Trump by getting an IUD covered by her private insurance plan from her high-paying PR job, and posting about it on her Instagram account.

Laura, a feminista, didn't leave a tip and berated the barista at Starbucks for taking too long to make her venti extra-hot skinny latte, making her late to the Hillary Clinton rally.
by girlacne March 28, 2017

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