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Another way of saying "panties are in a bunch"
He won't let you have a party? What's his quoff?
by girl_with_brain July 01, 2010

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1. almost impossible to believe someone like this exists; incredible; oxymoron.
2. exceptionally ghetto AND homosexual; marvelous; superb.
3. can be found deep in the projects of metropolitan cities or in rural trailer parks funded by the government.
1. "Hey cuz why you actin' all ghetto gaybulous?"

2. A man gives an interview about an attempted rape in the projects. By the way he talked, moved his body and shook his head you could tell he was obviously ghetto gaybulous.

3. the man featured in "BED INTRUDER SONG!!!"
by girl_with_brain August 11, 2010

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1. A shortened version of more fabulous.
2. More fab than fab.

3. Predominately used in the OC
Tiffini: "Hey girls, how do I look in this bikini?"
Becka"OMG you look totally fab"
Michelle: "I think this bikini would be fabber on you"
by girl_with_brain August 13, 2010

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Bossy and judgemental at the same time.
Stop being so bossmental and leave me alone
by girl_with_brain May 01, 2018

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