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Originally meant to describe someone rolling their ankle while wearing Dansko shoes, which have an unforgiving sole. Evolved to mean wearing any shoes too high and slipping, tripping, stumbling (drunk or not), falling, and rolling or breaking their ankle.
Girl, you better watch yourself before you fall off your Danskos and take out an entire table on the way down!
by ginnypigsoup September 11, 2012
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Going to the automatic car wash and getting that ONE bay that doesn't clean as well as the others.
I just got my car washed! Awesome, right?

Um, no. Half of your car is still dirty! You must have gotten the bumbay.
by ginnypigsoup January 09, 2013
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The amount of "Irish" you are. Just a drunk? Actually been to Ireland? Born in Ireland? Born, raised, and live in Ireland, just on holiday?
Man, look at that guy drink! That must be his fifth beer!

I wonder what his Irishnicity is...
by ginnypigsoup January 09, 2013
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