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Clovis is a town in New Mexico that you don't want to go to in the summer or the winter for that matter. There are flies everywhere and you can't even put your burger down for three seconds before two flies land on it. There's crazy people and meth heads everywhere, and stupid stores called Allsups. You've got your crack whores, prostitutes and the only beautiful people you see there are at the Cannon Air Force Base; and they're beautiful because they're from other places. The natives are all ugly motherfuckers with bad attitudes. The only good place to eat is Chili's. Oh! And the roads! If you spend a whole week there you'll have to replace your tires at the end of the week.
Eg: (In Clovis) What the fuck is that smell? Oh, it's all the cow shit!
by ghoulia December 17, 2012
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