1 definition by ggrrrrr

Jealous ass people that give you shit and hate on you like crazy - but only because they are mad obsessed with how awesome you are, but can't bare to admit it to themselves. So they just go on hating on you, but they're subconsciously you're biggest fan.
You know you're a hater-fan if you envy somebody but treat them like shit because you're not them.

Guy on the crew team: works his ass off training all the time, doesn't party, has a hot girlfriend, does well in school, and is excited about life. On top of that, he's really nice to the rest of the team and doesn't boast pride, just wants everybody to get along. But you... Are a Hater-fan, and you can't stand the fact that he works harder than you, goes faster than you, and has a hotter girlfriend - so you hate him, and try to make him feel like shit, day in and day out.
by ggrrrrr December 24, 2011
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