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piece of shit. a four door family car with a bodykit and a pretty badge, claiming it to b a sportscar. holden hasnt got the best reputation for making engines, (they require a 3.8L v6 to make a measly 130bhp) when other cars such as a r32 gtr skyline which has a rb26dett, a straight inline 6, 2.6L, makes nearly double that. truly pathetic. majority of clubsports being 5.0L v8s only make a measley 200bhp, where as bmw's z4 engine is also a 5.0L v8 makes 600bhp. no wonder holden has decided to rob its engines from chevrolet. again truly pathetic
look a clubsport! pffft slow

wow a family car with a bodykit! say no more.
by gazzaR32 January 14, 2007

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