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Twilight is absolute literary trash that needs to be wiped from the face of the earth, however it has managed to make several previously sane girls become absolute idiots. Why? I'll tell you. It's not that Edward is just "soooo hawwt" that they just can't forget him and want to hump him, as perverted as humping a 107 year old stone that sparkles sounds. The draw is in the fact that every girl wants to be loved in a *SIMILAR* fashion to the way Edward claims to love Bella. Every girl fantasizes about someone who will (1) Profess their undying love for you without any thought to who's around (2) Swoop in and rescue you from the 'bad guy' (3) Admit that they would die for you...etc etc, the list goes on. Now I'm not saying that this is the ultimate guy, but can you honestly say that you NEVER wanted a knight in shining armor to show up and sweep you away?

That's the draw for the Twitards, even if they don't realize it. Call it the prince charming effect. And the absolutely bland characters? That just makes it easy for said Twitards to insert themselves and their own fantasy man into the roles. If you look at other vampire romance novels, like Christine Feehan's Dark series, you get the same prince charming effect, except these women have brains, back bones, and lives of their very own and the men have real respect for the women as well as their own power. Yeah, there's still a ridiculous age gap, but the youngest woman involved is in her mid twenties and legal anyway.
Summary of decent vampiric romance novel:
Woman: You scare me, back the f*** off and leave me alone.
Man: Please, listen to me. Explains.
Woman: That's supposed to make me think you're OK? Leave!
Bad thing attacks.
Woman: WTF! I told you to leave me alone. That never would have happened if you had.
Man:Yes it would. Explains.
Woman: Fine you can stay but you're sleeping outside.

Then they eventually fall in love after a reasonable amount of time where they have earned each other's respect, with a few spicy scenes.

B: You're a vampire. You drink blood. COOL!
E: HATE ME!!!!
B: I love you
E: I love you too even though I want you to hate me.
Bad thing attacks
B:I love you. Stay with me!
E: ok

Minus all remotely interesting scenes
See the difference?
by garnettotopaz November 27, 2010

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