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1. This hideously misspelled derivation of 'faggot' is primarily used by uneducated rednecks who fail to see the irony of calling someone a derogatory name but having no idea how to say the word.

2. Used by closet homosexuals in an attempt to smooth out the word 'faggot' and give it a softer french/italian/spanish sound, with a rolled G similar to the J in french, and a silent T.
1. "Hey Chet!! Lookee that thar faget over there! Now get that cow ready for a bangin'!"

2. "Let's round up the crew, get some lattes and head out to the faget bar, where we can score -- I mean, I'm not gay and have no idea what faget means!"
by garan garan February 07, 2007
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Used by typical fat, stupid, wife beating, sister fucking, football watching, racist, illiterate redneck Americans to refer to every language other than American English. Also commonly used to refer to other forms of English which, although very similar, are incomprehensible to the small-brained, inarticulate, uneducated American male, who enjoys saying the word 'fuck' as much as possible, in as many forms as possible.
"Well fuck, I don't know what the fuck they speak in England, but in America, pilgrim, it ain't that fuckonese shit... Fuck!"

"Well I'll be fucked if I know what kind of fuckonese you're talking... I mean, fuck!"
by garan garan February 07, 2007
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