Used by typical fat, stupid, wife beating, sister fucking, football watching, racist, illiterate redneck Americans to refer to every language other than American English. Also commonly used to refer to other forms of English which, although very similar, are incomprehensible to the small-brained, inarticulate, uneducated American male, who enjoys saying the word 'fuck' as much as possible, in as many forms as possible.
"Well fuck, I don't know what the fuck they speak in England, but in America, pilgrim, it ain't that fuckonese shit... Fuck!"

"Well I'll be fucked if I know what kind of fuckonese you're talking... I mean, fuck!"
by garan garan February 7, 2007
A word used to descibe the incomprehensible language you and your friends speak in when you've thrown back a few too many. It can also be used to insult someone who uses poor grammar, has no sense of phonics, and utterly butchers the English language.
by Piker August 15, 2005