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Chezni’s are often totally dope. They always are there for you whenever you need it. If you are sad she will come and bring you dutch. You will always find her working her ass off because she won’t stop until she’s better then everyone else. But she doesn’t cut corners, she works until she’s done. She’s the bestest person you will every find like damn. She loves rodeo everyone but she often doesn’t just fall at guys feet. She won’t go after one until she finds the right one. And she has very high standards because she doesn’t mess around. She’s very serious about her life but is often funny with a capital F. Lol. If you find a chezni keep her because, like damn B.
My friend Chezni is amazing
by gangang394 April 07, 2019

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Well, if you find a Macy brown, never let her go even if your grandpas grave depends on it. She will NEVER leave your side no matter if it’s over a boy or any sort of drama anywhere. You’ll go through a lot of “best friends” but once you find a Macy brown, you will know you have hit the jackpot. She is so talented in everything she does but mostly rodeo. She works her butt off and never quits until she is done. She is one in a million that is for sure. If she makes a mistake, she owns up to it. She will not let any one or anything fool her over because she knows what she wants and how things should be. You’ll see her driving her big ass semi down the road with her blonde hair, always looking like a bad ass. No.one.is.like.macy.brown
damn did you see that hot girl driving that big badass semi? I think her name is Macy brown
by gangang394 June 23, 2019

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