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A uber-super hot band with 5 members. Such as; Kyle Patrick (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Joey Zehr(Backup Vocals, Drums), Ethan Mentzer (Bass, Backup Vocals), Joe Guese (Lead Guitar), Ben Romans (Keyboards, Backup Vocals). Used to have lead singer as Eric Dill. Found Kyle Patrick on 2007. Recent Album: Modern Minds and Pastimes. Easily loved.
Girl 1: Who's that?
Girl 2: OMG. You don't know!??
Girl 1: No..
Girl 2: They're the Click Five!! OMG! I love them!! Here, let me show you some videos of them. I'm SURE you'll fall in love.
Girl 1: Mmkay..

*few minutes later..*

Girl 1: WHOO!! I LOVE KYLE PATRICK AND JOEY ZEHR!!! Ben is so funny!! Ethan looks so hot, Joe is great on his guitar!
GIrl 2: See? I told you you'd LOVE 'em.
by gaillovesclickfive June 11, 2008

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The AWESOME drummer of The Click Five. Joey Zehr is also a designer, and his company is called LTL. Website: ltlbackspace.com He also designs the Click Five website!
Ben Romans: I'm Joey Zehr. GRR.
*while Joey Zehr was eating a McDonald's sandwich*

....hehe. funny.
by gaillovesclickfive June 11, 2008

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Ben Romans is the drummer and backup vocals of the Click Five. He is also known as Austin St.Claire; according to a youtube webisode of the band. He is hilarious, and has a sunny disposition in the Click Five.
Ben Romans: "There's no chicken in my nugget, it's only bread!"
And he mimicks his band members, like Joey Zehr. (in a good way)
by gaillovesclickfive June 11, 2008

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