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papua is one of the largest island on earth, it is located in pacific ocean. the people living in there is similar with Australian native people(the aborigin).
hay, have you ever been to papua?

yes I am
by ga'il September 24, 2013
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koteka is a traditional mens underwear from papua, it is some kind of penis sheath. koteka is made from some kind of fruit of a plant called lagenaria sicceraria. the fruit is hollowed, and dried. the smaller koteka is used for working and the longer one is for ceremonial event. the fruit is tied to a stone to strecth it out so that they can grow very long.
nice koteka!!!!!
by ga'il September 29, 2013
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dukun is a common occupation among the Javanese people of
Indonesia. its called shaman, or psychic, or paranormal in english.
many people come to a dukun for many purpose, e.g. for increase
wealthyness, to make someone like him or her, or even for
revenge on someone. yes, dukun can perform something similar
with vodoo.
hey, I heard your neighbour is a dukun
by ga'il September 28, 2013
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santet is some kind of indonesian vodoo. the ethnic group that is famous to do this kind of "vodoo" things is Javanese people (east and central java). their shaman or paranormal can do magical, supernatural, and beyound imagination things like putting nails, needles, shaving razor, and other creepy stuff, inside someone's body, by the request of their customer of course. they also can make someone like or love their customer. or make their customer richer by giving them a supernatural creature called tuyul, a supernatural creature in the form of little children, who will steal money from their neighbour for their master.
I'm felling ill

you are get santet by a dukun my friend
by ga'il September 25, 2013
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