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1. Single line of dialogue used by bad filmmakers to fix shabby plot lines and major holes in storytelling. Name comes from fictional movie producer in the movie "Thank you for Smoking"

protagonist: "Cigarettes in space? wouldn't they explode in an all oxygen environment?"

producer: "That is a problem... But that's an easy fix, one line of dialogue; 'Thank God we invented the... you know... Whatever... device.'"

2. Any device, contraption, machine, character, or group of characters inserted into a film or tv show for no other reason than to cover up a major storytelling problem. A band-aid on a gaping wound of suckery.

3. An early warning sign that a movie or tv show blows goats, or may be a turd factory.
Guy 1:"Hey, I missed the end of Star Trek:First Contact, how did the ship get away from Earth without being detected by the Vulcans?"

Guy 2:"Whatever device..."

Guy 1:"Oh, well that's disappointing but not surprising."


"Jar Jar Binks is the shittiest character in history. He's a Whatever device that got played out about 12 seconds into his screen time."
by g8m3 January 16, 2010

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