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The Lazy Leak is only seen in the morning or night in a guys bathroom. when your to tired to stand at a urinal or a toilet bowl, you can take a Lazy Leak by leaning on the wall and catchin a nap while you piss. simple as that.
guy 1- dude where the hell have you been

guy 2- sorry bro i was takin a wild lazy leak and fell asleep on your wal

guy 1- oh word, how was it

guy 2- nastiest wet dream i ever had
by fxguy June 14, 2011
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this rule states that no man should ever know when a girl is on the rag. (similar to the rule 444, girls dont poop). this rule implies that periods are not real and are lies. (guys dont like to think about them therefor we do not ever EVER).
girl- i cant have sex tonight

dude- why not baby

girl (acting as if we have heard or should know this befor hand)- im on my period

dude (now knowing that smell wasent a nasty fart and having self realization that she has blood and stink comming from her baby hole)- AHHHHH respect rule 444-p

Girl- huh

dude (mentally vomiting now knowing that he has the girl out of all of them that dose this)- guys dont know untill you tell.
by fxguy May 17, 2010
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