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Strong Bad's alleged great uncle. Legend has it that he passed down the secret recipe for "Pre-tend Ice Cream Showdown". it turned out to be sour cream and "the cheat" hair. it is unknown if Great Uncle Pawdabber actually existed.
thats just like my great uncle Pawdabber used to make.
by fudge February 19, 2005
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Originally a "cool Gadget" (inappropiratly classified!) manufactured by "Nexxtech" a pseudonyme for Radioshack(Intertan) Canada. This "modern convenience" consists of a hammer which has a bottle opener at the back of the head where the nail puller would be. Apperently the RD department of this company forsaw people being in need of both of these tools at same time. I personally can not count the number of times I have opened a bottle of chilled beverage and suddenly be overwhelmed with the urge to hammer a few nails. (all "getting hammered" and "getting nailed" jokes to one side please *frustrated sigh*)
The flaws of this product are many however the most astounding are thus:

The poor construction of the device leaves the neck too week to hammer even the smallest of nails into the softest of surfaces without denting or breaking the neck severely. More to the point, this same flaw prevents getting any real leverage when opening bottles of any size without bending the neck completely in half.

Also, the bottle opener itself fails to meet any sort of standerd bottle size (if there is such a thing) and therefore will not fit most of the bottles one my attempt to open. This may have disasterous results.

This product has caused many a sales associate all over the country to atapt such phrases as the following:
"That new DSM... yeah, usless as a friday hammer."

"Well look at this new product. Nice flashy blue LEDs. Looks about as necessary as a friday hammer".

"ok everyone, lets show the new RSM were smarter than a shelf full of friday hemmers."
by fudge February 19, 2005
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Shit left on your nuckles after fisting Nevels moms ass
Dam you gave me fudge nuckles.
by Fudge November 30, 2004
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it can mean anything!!! or nothing!!!
You see somebody and you say Autocinnemengato!!! it means anything or nothing for an answer
by Fudge January 01, 2004
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A male mammal with no genitals due to them being pulled off during gay intercourse and lost within the colon of the mate.
My friend Marco is a chunkmonkey.
by fudge April 28, 2004
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