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A Bill Bush is a term used to describe a conservatard of sorts rarely found outside the united states. The word originates from combining the most red neck like name, bill with the name of one of the biggest conservatards in history George w. Bush.. Bill bushes are likely to be found as meat shields in the military, if they're too young to join they're likely found in youth recruitment programs like JROTC. Basically you know that guy with the shaved head? Marine corp logos on everthing? Hates illegal immigrants? Cries anti American at any and everybody for the most insane reasons yet they can always be found with a confederate flag somewhere either flown or tatooed? that's a bill bush. every community has at least one. They're usually such dicks that even other hicks cannot stand them. If you know of one on your community just burn a flag in their face, flag burning is their weakness, and tell them facts about the horrible Nazi like things the united states does in war, they may actually cry. Also attacking one may not be a bad idea, they're notorious cowards The best we can do is hope all bill bushes die in Iraq, which is quite likely, unfortunately some survive and grow up to become neo Nazis.

Save for flag burning bill bushes have several other fears: black people, punk music(especially anarcho punk), anarchism, the truth, communism, socialism, any form of true freedom, feminism, big words, conspiracy theorists etc.
Dude that guy needs to get the flag out of his ass and open his mind.

He's a bill bush man, hell die in Iraq don't worry about him.

What if he doesn't and becomes a Nazi?

Then we'll have a good old fashion Nazi stomp!
by fuckcapitalism84 October 01, 2011

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An oxymoron used by poseurs who claim to be the real thing. There are several myths they like to spew. The first Anarcho-communism being an oxymoron, conservatards obviously don't know what communism or anarchism is. The second everyone who's not one is a fat mike worshiping hot topic loser, just not true. Real punks hate them too. However the biggest lie they tell is that they're the real essence of punk, whereas their god is Michale Graves is an ex marine(authoritarian) who never heard of the misfits prior to joining and punk has always been the antithesis of conservation and anti-authoritarianism. That being said, conservative punk is best defined as sheep who want to vent about the fact that a liberal made them feel stupid once. They are a blight on the scene they are actually worse than NOFX,anti-flag etc as they are simply poseurs and an oxymoron.
Conservative punk: we're the real essence of punk
Liberal-punk: no we are
Anarcho punk: you poseurs make us all look bad
Crust punk: yeah fuck off poseurs
Horror punk: no one cares!
Street punk:....*punches both*
Anarcho-punk: at least they aren't juggalos
by fuckcapitalism84 November 19, 2011

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