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An ancient greek philosopher who lived from 470-399 bc. He revolutionized western thinking, and was known for asking "why" in many discussions.He was convicted and put to death for corrupting the youth in Athens, during which he cooperated with the law, and did not denying his beliefs. He is also known for being the teacher of Plato
"I know you won't believe me, but the highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others."
by frsky June 27, 2007
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the best thing to eat when you're sick period
tyler: I'm sick
tyler: go eat some soup
tyler: ok
by frsky May 30, 2008
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what everyone wants to be without the aid of mind-altering substances
if you need drugs to make you feeel happy, then you're not really happy
by frsky August 1, 2007
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The act of inhaling a powder (usually cocaine) through one's mouth. Often done when the person's sinuses are clogged.
My nose was too stuffed up to snort a line, so I had to do a huffer
by frsky November 14, 2009
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A widow maker is a one-shot break-action 12 guage shotgun.
Don't make me pull out the widow maker boy
by frsky June 9, 2008
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